Food as Medicine to Reclaim Your Digestive Health

hosted by Sarah Ferreira, Integrative & Functional Registered Dietitian

Constipation, gas, stomach pain, bloating & diarrhea are symptoms... signs of a gut that is out of balance.

Learn how a functional nutrition approach can get to the root causes of poor that you can finally beat the bloat and feel better!

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    Sarah Ferreira


    You'll Learn:

    Basics of a Functional Nutrition approach for digestion

    How gut health is connected to suprising symptoms like allergies, joint pain & anxiety

    3 digestive health myths (that keep people stuck)

    A critical mindset shift for long-term digestive health

    Key Pillars in Sarah's NEW GI Restore Group Program

    Your Host:

    As owner of Ferreira Functional Wellness, LLC, Sarah uses a whole-person, whole-food based approach to restore nutritional wellbeing for optimal digestion and brain health.

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