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What Is Integrative and Functional Nutrition?

Integrative and Functional Nutrition integrates a research-oriented, evidence-based, systematic & root cause based approach to nutritional care including clinical protocols, informed use of dietary supplements, therapeutic elimination diets, conventional and functional labs & mind-body practices. In addition to completing select coursework through the Institute for Functional Medicine, I have completed all requirements through the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy to earn the IFNCP credential. 

An integrative dietitian sees and treats nutrition in context of the whole person, putting clues from a person’s history and presentation together to uncover both core imbalances and strengths to create a personalized nutrition care plan with supportive follow-through. Integrating laboratory and genetic interpretation, high-potency supplementation, and effective lifestyle shifts can help you to transform your health from the ground up. 

Do you accept insurance? What are your fees?

My goal and desire is to support the restoration of health and vitality to my clients. The insurance model does not allow me to freely support clients in the way that I feel is most effective, and so I do not choose to directly participate with insurance at this time.

Instead, taking into account your health goals, your budget, your current health status, and how much time and energy you are ready to invest, we together design a comprehensive program designed to reach your goals.

I do offer a superbill complete with all billing codes and descriptions of services provided for clients to submit directly to their insurance: partial reimbursement is sometimes available through insurance. 

Programs begin at $550 per month.

Where are you located?

I offer comprehensive, HIPAA secure telehealth services throughout New York State & Vermont.

Telehealth allows for video conferencing, self scheduling, screen sharing & the convenience of connecting from anywhere!

Telehealth Services are provided through the Practice Better portal, my online client management & resource center.

What specific diet do you advocate?

A “whole food as medicine” approach underpins my strengths-based integrative approach, but the details of our process (including what you eat) are designed for you, with you, in response to you & with belief in your ability to create change in mind.

Together, we’ll explore the healing, nourishing foods available to you through culinary nutrition, mindfulness around the reasons that we eat, and self-awareness based choosing based on the properties of foods-not black and white rules.

You’ll find here a ‘buffet’ of options that you can choose from and experiment with as it is supportive to you.

My goal is to create a structured roadmap with plentiful opportunities for exploration, guided self-experimentation, and opportunities to discover peace, possibility & optimal health with eating.

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