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I had such trouble digesting that I dreaded eating…

(Before beginning to work with Sarah) I had such trouble digesting that I dreaded eating. I used to wish that I didn’t have to eat. I also wished that someone would just tell me what to eat.

I am an educated (MEd) and healthy (yoga and group fitness instructor) woman in her early sixties. For years, I researched healthy foods and I made choices that I believed were good ones, yet had terrible belly issues. For several years I juiced fresh fruits and vegetables, I tried a vegetarian diet and a vegan diet. I knew I needed help with food choices when none of these things made digestion any easier – in fact, my symptoms seemed to get worse.

I had mentioned it to health care providers and they really offered no help, other than to eat fruits and vegetables, drink water, and get regular exercise. I lived my life doing those things, and was so frustrated that I was almost always constipated, held my belly during countless sleepless nights, and chewed Gas X with every meal.

When I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis, I promised myself I would do “something “, but was unsure what that would be. A nurse practitioner who was treating my ear infection, suggested seeing a Registered Dietician after hearing my story. And the rest is history!

Within 3 days of beginning the program with Sarah, I felt better. This feeling accelerated every day. My diet was quite restricted in the beginning, but the relief I felt kept me motivated to stay true to it. Besides my belly enjoying some desperately needed ease, I began having daily bowel movements, which was very new to me. I even began having multiple daily bowel movements!

I began losing weight, which was not a goal, but it just fell off as I eliminated toxins. The bags under my eyes and my sore finger joints disappeared. I enjoyed more energy and a shrinking symptom list. I learned that vegetarian and vegan diets are not for everyone. I learned how to make good choices when eating out, and that most restaurants are happy and very willing to accommodate.

The monitoring messages between face-to-face meetings were a big support. The recipe ideas and the product suggestions were essential. The protocols were my Bible.

I know that if I ever need a reset, that original diet is what I will return to. I learned the value of a personalized supplement regimen and trust the source of those supplements.

I no longer have anxiety about eating! I no longer have sleepless nights due to hours of a bellyache. I don’t have any belly discomfort at all! -Jane

Pre-Diabetes, Anxiety & Reflux

“(Before working with Sarah) I was truly in a state of desperation. I ate when I was starving to the point of passing out, and during those times I would binge in the hope to elevate the weakness and lightheadedness I attributed to swings in sugar levels.

I had several large health issues, the two most prevalent being my diagnosis of pre-diabetes and my feelings of extreme anxiety and depression. It was difficult to complete tasks for work because of poor concentration, memory and mood swings and it was difficult to stay in shape because of feelings of extreme fatigue, asthma and lightheadedness.

When I started with Sarah, I was on pre-diabetic meds, a beta blocker for GERD and anti-depression and anxiety meds. With the tools she gave me in making successful diet changes (and of course the go ahead from medical practitioners I was seeing) I have been able to get off of all these meds, in just a few short months, incredible!

Before starting work with Sarah, my life felt very unpromising and I was largely discouraged. The changes she helped me to make really helped me reinvent myself in ways that are sustainable. It in no way has felt like a “diet” but more like a science-based exploration into the health of my body and what foods make me feel my absolute best.

No more Reflux and out of the Range of Pre-Diabetic

Sarah as a person was the greatest support I could have hoped for. I have never met someone so absolutely perfect for the job that they do, in that she is motivational, knowledgeable, patient and calm. She has a keen sense of what could help a client be successful, and she presents her extensive knowledge on the subject of nutrition in ways that are non-threatening nor presumptuous, and creates goals with the client that are both measurable and achievable.

As a result of working with Sarah, I also have developed a deep understanding of the different types of foods that my body can most benefit from. Knowing how much protein I need, what types of iron rich and probiotic foods help me feel my best has been life changing.

The changes she helped me to make really helped me reinvent myself in ways that are sustainable. It in no way has felt like a “diet” but more like a science-based exploration into the health of my body and what foods make me feel my absolute best. -Haley

Overwhelmed and Obsessing about Food

I felt that I was in a place where I was obsessing about food and would spend a majority of my day thinking about it. I struggled going to the grocery store, making meals, and managing my daily eating habits.

We created a grocery list that helped the grocery store feel less overwhelming. I learned about how food relates to different emotions and how different foods can help you function in different ways. I started taking supplements and discovered how much everything is connected. From what we eat, to our anxiety and depression levels, to sleep patterns, water consumption, and breathing.

I loved how everything was tailored to me and adjusted to my needs. -Caty

Stressed & In a Rut

My state before working with Sarah, was in much need of repair. I was over weight, physically hav(ing) issues with my health, and mentally stressed.

I couldn’t overcome the rut I was in, and after being in different kinds of diet programs, just to wind up months or even years down the road asking myself where did I go wrong, and how did I get here?

I went from heart burn, throwing up almost nightly, and I was really over weight. I’m now more energetic and overall mentally stable, more than I was before I started.

What I gained with Sarah’s help was more than just a nutritional plan, but tools to help with combating cravings, I gained better social skills, as in how to interact with people around food. I also, gained knowledge of how certain foods that can help with my certain ailments or even heal my body and even mind. I was well taken care of. -Ruth

Gained an Empowering Relationship with Food

“Sarah is really good about getting tons of information across to you in a way that is easy to understand and not overwhelming.”

“Knowledge was key. The more I understood, the better choices I could make. My relationship with food became more empowering and less fearful. I learned what my body needed when and the proper way to fuel it. I continually felt more centered and stronger. I couldn’t have asked for more!” -Amanda

Constipated and Bloated (Constipation-Predominant IBS)

“I feel so much healthier and happier since working with Sarah. I felt bloated and constipated all of the time. I had a bad relationship with food and not knowing really what was making me feel so bad.”

My bloating is mostly non-existent, I have regular bowel habits. She has been so helpful and engaged in the whole process. The ability to meet or just do a check-in was so convenient.” -Emily

Food Was a Necessary Evil

“(Before working with Sarah) I tried to get food to ‘behave’. If weight loss occurred, I loved dieting and tried hard to be good at it. If no loss, I hated it and came down hard on myself, creating stress where eating was involved. Food was a necessary evil.

(Now I am) consuming nutrient dense foods, implementing daily exercise, mental clarity, no depression, peace with food, less joint pain and aches (including headaches). I see food as medicine, and no longer a necessary evil. I am brighter and happier in appearance again. My health is better than it has been in several years.” -Mary Jude

Psoriatic Arthritis (Auto-Immune)

“Before I met Sarah, I had a long history with chronic health issues. I developed psoriasis at the age of ten and psoriatic arthritis at age 22. I had many years trying to manage my disease with various levels of success.

I reached a point where I had eliminated almost all foods and
still didn’t feel well. I was becoming anxious at every meal because I wouldn’t know what foods would be safe, would be uncomfortable, or would be excruciating.

For about two years, I kind of gave up, barely ate, never felt well, and was depressed. The food/health issues were impacting me every day in so many ways. I knew that I couldn’t keep eliminating foods and trying to figure out what to eat on my own. I had to try to feel better again and I was ready to do whatever necessary to get there.

Within a week of starting the program, my energy was better than it had been in many years. My brain worked better than ever and I had less pain everywhere. It was incredible! Then, I saw my arthritis symptoms fade in direct connection to my new diet. I could do something to help my pain! I knew I was on the right path and it kept me going through the program.

I loved that Sarah used scientific studies to back up her suggestions and was willing to expand her knowledge with more research in order to help me. The use of laboratory results really informed my program and we used nuances of the results to help guide us.

I really felt like we were working together at every step. Sarah listened to me and, together, we discussed options for my program that we weighed to make decisions. She found solutions to barriers to success that fit with my lifestyle (even though changes were necessary) and preferences.

The most important knowledge I gained was that there was hope that I could feel better. There was actually something I could do that could help my symptoms. I had lost that hope for many years. Have I mastered hope? Not yet. But I am back on the path and ready to find solutions.

My overall well-being is incredibly improved due to my program with Sarah! The biggest and most powerful change was the improvement to my mental health. All of those positive physical changes (less pain, less fatigue, more level blood sugar, etc.) helped me think more clearly and feel more stable. I finally had hope that something I could control could help me feel better.

The improvement in physical symptoms may only be part of my improved mental health. I have fewer mood swings, less irritability, and improved depression and I have time and energy to devote to sustaining and improving my mental health through Tai Chi and meditation.

My future is no longer being dictated by my health issues and pain. I am
in control of my future and it feels great!
” -MaryAnn

Built a Strong Nutritional Foundation

(Before working with Sarah) I was CONFUSED! I knew I was unhappy with my body and my diet and that changing one would inherently change the other. I was addicted to the standard American diet and I knew that there was more to food than carbs and cheese, but didn’t know what needed to change or how to change it. I wanted clarity amidst all of the health and dieting trends and to find what I personally needed to ultimately serve me, not the masses.

Having someone on my team who was helping me identify what was holding me back and from there, helping me pursue my new goals is what made this process possible and successful for me. Without the encouragement and HOURS of conversation (re: clarity), I do not think I could have maneuvered the rut that I was “stuck” in so successfully!

I find that by working with my body as well as my mind, Sarah and I were able to successfully redefine the foods that brought me nutrition and pleasure on a biological level. In learning how the foods I was eating before were impacting my mood and physical well-being, it became possible for me to identify what foods would truly serve me along my journey to a happier, healthier me.

I learned that “your ways” are don’t have to be “your ways” if you don’t want them to be – you have the ability to change what your brain craves! I learned what true hunger versus mental hunger is. I have more energy and I suffer significantly less from gas and bloating. I eat slowly and savour every bite of my food. I have confidence in the food choices I make on a daily basis and a strong nutritional foundation that I can carry with me for a lifetime of healthy eating. I have more than I could have ever anticipated at the beginning of this program -Keturah

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