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Frustrated after attempt after attempt to feel better….with little or no improvement? It doesn’t need to be this way!
Integrative and Functional Nutrition is ‘root cause’ based, meaning that we want to understand WHY certain symptoms are occurring and to get to the bottom of them. 
This is for you if you want more. You are a whole person who deserves whole solutions: not just a meal plan.
I work with a small number of women at any given time to spend the necessary time and energy to research and advocate on your behalf. I am constantly reading, learning, and seeking to understand how to best bring my clients in the direction of their goal. It is important to me that my clients have the ‘know-how’, guidance, coaching, resources & success to thrive. 
Most of the women that I work with present with many imbalances: headaches, low energy, autoimmune concerns, low energy, neurological symptoms, painful digestive disorders, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, out-of control cravings, weight changes, aches & pains & chronic infections. Just as these symptoms don’t emerge overnight, neither does the resolution.
Because no two care plans are the same and because of the commitment needed on both of our parts, we’ll jump on a video call BEFORE we agree to work together.
Why? I want to make sure that my approach is in line with what you’re most wanting, to work with you to create clear goals for an ideal outcome, and to create thoughtful first steps to move you in the direction of those goals.
My overall well-being is incredibly improved due to my program with Sarah! The biggest and most powerful change was the improvement to my mental health. All of those positive physical changes (less pain, less fatigue, more level blood sugar, etc.) helped me think more clearly and feel more stable. I finally had hope that something I could control could help me feel better. -MaryAnn 

Are you ready to talk about what’s possible for you? 

Your Next Step: 25-Minute Complimentary Clarity Call

You are on a unique journey with a unique story and set of factors that have led to your current concerns. During our Nourished Clarity Session, we’ll talk through your goals, history, and where you’ve gotten stuck in the past. 

During this call, we’ll outline your health goals + vision. If I think that I can help, we’ll identify a mini-‘roadmap’ (program or package) with tangible next steps to help you to achieve your goals. Apply for a Clarity Call Here

When I started with Sarah, I was on pre-diabetic meds, a beta blocker for GERD and anti-depression and anxiety meds. With the tools she gave me in making successful diet changes (and of course the go ahead from medical practitioners I was seeing) I have been able to get off of all these meds, in just a few short months, incredible! -Haley

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